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Khóa cảm ứng G036M-65A

Mã: BT_G036M
Giá: liên hệ
Khóa cửa cảm ứng nhãn hiệu Be-Tech, Model: G036M-65A


-          Brushed stainless steel plate and handle are durable and easy for maintenance.

-          Stainless steel deadbolt with high wearing resistance.

-          Steel mortise, tested with 100 million operation times. Thin mortise, thickness 16,2mm,
           maybe fit with thin door.

-          Hidden cylinder for mechanical key to decorate outlook.

-          The separated reader PCB and control PCB provide better protection from foreign force and high humidity,
           better for using near the beach.

Surface finishing:

-          Brushed stainless steel.

 -          PVD Brushed Zirconium


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