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Khóa cảm ứng 6536M-65A

Mã: BT_6536M
Giá: liên hệ
Khóa cửa cảm ứng nhãn hiệu Be-Tech, model: 6536M-65A


-          Classic shape and fashion.

-          Reaching the requirement of GB374-2001 for material thickness, new double complex
           structure is applied. It is firm and resists corrosion.

-          Stainless steel handle with reasonable structure, good holding an durable.

-          Us standard lock case with reasonable structure and security.

-          Do not disturb function, when guest turn on the dead bolt the LED flash and red light indicate “do not disturb”

-          Rotary structure makes nthe handle feel more comfortable for using.

Surface finishing:

-          Brushed stainless steel.

-          PVD Brushed Zirconium 


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