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Két sắt JSH 802

Mã: SJSH802
Giá: liên hệ
Két sắt khách sạn nhãn hiệu JSH-Israel, Model: 802 (Laptop size)

-       Dimension       : 230 H x 420 W x 380D.

-       Weight            : 13 kg

-       Features          :

  • Simple intuitive operation by 4-6 personal digital code or credit card
  • Six digital bright red bold led display units
  • ADA approved unique epoxy rubber keypad
  • Complete audit trial, including print-out of up to 400 last events including date and time, hotel name, room  number, personal i.d. and name, date of print out.
  • Double locking bolts, manufactured from chrome plated solid steel
  • Self - Diagnostic trouble - shooting on display & SLU  with  maintenance automatic “battery low” message
  • Emergency opening and management control by "SLU" unit
  • Safety lockout feature - safe display “CLOSED“ only in case locking bolts is in 100% locked (2 motor Micro switches)
  • LED feedback for each operation. 15 minutes shut-down after 4 fault opening attempts
  • Locking prevention on LOW - BATTERIES
  • Programmable personal site code for each project
  • 99 last events readable on safe display
  • Low battery power - backup by SLU unit
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